Multi-Tech Profile Technology

MTF Technik Fördertechnik - Intro

The MTF Multi-Tech Profile Technology, consisting of a self-supporting aluminium double crossbeam construction, is a "revolution" in conveyor belt engineering.

The multi-functional anodized aluminum profile with two T-grooves each provides an easy combination of the conveyor with all-purpose-underframes. In the same way, auxiliary facilities for various other uses can be mounted as easily.

Of course, our guiding profiles for Multi-Tech belt conveyors are available in different heights. As well, the user-friendly construction of the belt body is convincing: Changing the belt cover is a fast and easy process. And the extremely smooth surface of the profiles allows an easy cleaning of the belt conveyor.

In order to transport even surface-sensitive goods as gently as possible, MTF engineers have developed a progressive belt cover sealing system (clip sealing strip) featuring a 10° inclination angle towards the belt cover. Within the flat part of the belt conveyor, an additional sealing strip is fitted reliently and thus adapts automatically to the belt angle and the belt cover strength of your MTF Multi-Tech conveyor.

Product Details

MTF Technik Fördertechnik - Multi-Tech Profile Type KL 80 A

Multi-Tech Profile Type KL 80 A

Example Multi-Tech Profile Type KL 80 A: This profile is used for angled conveyors with a guiding profile height of more than 80mm.

MTF Technik Fördertechnik - Profile GL 0

For use with straight robot conveyors or when the goods extend laterally beyond the conveyor body.